Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[PANN] 170117 This picture was taken during the oath, I really like seolhyun's body

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1.  FNC is not pushing her as the center for nothing

2.  Tzuyu's body shape is good but seolhyun is just a wall

3. Her body is godly

4. Actually her height is about 167~8

5. Crazy you said that she was wearing sneakers??  freaking shock

6. I sleep in that pants?  I was wearing the same clothes but her body is just daebak

7. Her body management is very hard to do

8. Both of them are tall. Even if they were wearing sneakers there's no difference between them

9. Its like her body and her face have a different feel.  And people underestimate her face because of her body.


10. Seolhyun's face is so small..

11. Her legs are so long,  freaking slim and freaking pretty.. My legs.. please close your eyes

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