Friday, January 13, 2017

[INSTIZ] 170112 Is this person in this picture really V..?!

What do you think?

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1. That's not v

2. It's not taehyung, but maybe lee minhyuk?????

3. its SF9 juho, today is their 100th day since debut..
    He's the main rapper in the team and he's 22 years old this year!
    Please look at us prettily~
    There's "SF9" written in the mask

4. that's not v. He is SF9 Juho. If you look at his shoulder, it's different.
    ㄴheol... i'm pretty sure he's v
    ㄴthat's the correct answer! ding dong ding dong as expected of fans

5. heol .. I think it's 100% v

6. who is that? no matter how I look at that picture, that's v

7. Seventeen wonwoo??

8. Seventeen Woozi-nim? I have a feeling that it's him

9. I think he's Koo Junhoe

10. I don't think this is taetae. By the way, this guy has a good nose. handsome

11. It's ryeowook

12. It's not v but he's handsome ㅎvㅎ

13. Even the fans are confused... hahaha

14. Is that bobby-nim??
      ㄴthis ㅋ 

15. I'm pretty sure that's not v. Instead of v, I think that's Jin? He looks like him

16. ? As a muggle I can't think of anyone else but V 

17. That's SF9 juho.. right? Why no one mentioned him in the comments ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

18. Oh no I think I'm going crazy!! who is that
      ㄴHe's SF9 Juho

19. Are you a fan? because this is so funny 

20. ???Of course that's v. If that's not v, who do you think he is????

21. I think it's Jin

22. It's not BTS V but SF9 juho~~~~~~~~~~~
      he's a rookie idol and today is his 100th day since debut hahaha
      our juho is so handsome 
      ㄴIf you look closely at the picture, there's "SF9" written in the mask

23. He' perfect who is he??????
      ㄴSF9 juho !!

24. Handsome. I really want to take a picture with him

25. Heol I think he's baekhyun

26. It's Juho! 
      ㄴIt looks like him because he's wearing a mask

27. I think he's someone from Got 7. Whoever is that, he's not our kids..
      ㄴIt's SF9 Juho!

28. This is 100 days old male idol from FNC, Juho! 
      Please look at him prettily!

29. It's SF9 Juho ㅠㅠㅠㅠ jjuong-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

30. Heol.. he looks like jungkook for me

31. I was confused at first and I'm a fan too.... I'm sorry I was wrong~~~

32. I think its not taetae, someone from sf9?
      ㄴ(same op) Kyaaaa it's juho.. I always think he looks like taehyung whenever I see him. 
         You'll think about taehyung when you see him for the first time
         SF9 8ㅅ8... these days I have interest in them
         ㄴIt's SF9 Juho
            Thank you for your interest in SF9
             ㄴI really really like SF9 togetherㅠㅠ

33. It's not my husband!
         ㄴwhy are you doing this to me

34. I dont care if that's kim taehyung or baek juho. Both of you can take me
      ㄴLet me take you 
35. I think it's GOT7 jaebum-nim

36. Jungkook-nim???
     ㄴIt's not Jungkookie ㅎ^ㅎ 

37. I thought it was seo eunkwang at first glance

38. I want to know the answer... I think I'm going crazy.. Who is this

39. It's SF9 Juho~~~
      He's a rookie idol and today is their 100th day from debut 8ㅅ8 He's a fan of BTS

40. It's not our taehyung, I think it's SF9 inseong? he looks like taehyung
      ㄴit's SF9 juho! hahaha

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