Sunday, January 15, 2017

[ARTICLE] 170109 "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator" Seolhyun "I often use public transportation and I even frequent cafes, People don't recognize me very well. "

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1. [+8938] [-222] It's not that I don't know them but when I saw a celebrity, I just pretended not to know..
    ㄴI pretended to be clueless ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
    ㄴThis is right 
    ㄴI can relate to this ㅋWhen I looked around gangnam, there are a lot of celebrities.. but i don't know what should I do? 

2. [+5037] [-677] Seolhyun is considered very pretty in korea. Seolhyun's visual is outstanding. I can't say that her visual is ordinary.

3. [+2619] [-219] It's her no-makeup face....
    With our without makeup, she's prettier and more successful than you 
    ㄴcome on... even if you're wearing seolhyun make up you'll never be as pretty as her, that's the reality
    ㄴEven though she's not wearing her makeup, people will notice her because she's tall, slim, and she has a small face. They'll just pretend not to know her.
    ㄴPeople will still look at her because of her nice body 

4. [+2021] [-78]  It's true that sometimes I cant recognize them

5. [+1518] [+29] I think it's because usually people look at their smartphone so they dont look around

6. [+724] [-23] Of course there are some people who don't know her.. But most of people in their 10s-20s will know her. It's just they pretended not to know.

7. [+544] [-9] No way... Seolhyun-ie?? I think that's not the case~ Maybe they think its just your look alike ㅋ Nowadays when you use public transportation, you just look at your your smartphone.. 
   ㄴMaybe when she said she's using public transportation, she's talking about taxi...

8. [+386] [-6] A lot of people don't care about celebrity more than you think.. Strangely, they'll be more noticeable when they're far from us..

9. [+252] [-2] I just cant recognize them.. I don't know why

10. [+171] [-4] When I saw them I just don't look at them again....

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