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170627 STARNEWS interview with yoo hoeseung "Nflying hyungs take care of me so well, juho helped me with the dance"

[Interview①] Joining NFlying to be recognized as a singer

Yoo hoeseung (22) from produce 101 season 2 shared his thoughts about joining N.Flying with Lee seunghyub , Kwon Kwangjin, Chahun, Kim Jaehyun.

Yoo hoeseung said "It's too sudden and I have some worries about this but I want to be recognized and loved by many people. " He added "The band already has its own concept and strength, so there's a lot of worry that i can fit well with that (concept)."

He got a lot of attention since the beginning of this program (PD101) for his bright personality and his singing skill. He ranked 39th on his last broadcast and many fans think its such a waste that he got eliminated. Hoeseung said, its such a shame but its a good experience. 

Yoo hoeseung said, "Appeared on Produce 101 was like a dream, it was such a new experience for me." He added "I'm happy to have such a good experience and good memories"
"Just a few months ago, my dream is to be a good singer. and now that i got so much love i feel touched"

In the second half of this year, yoo hoeseung will meet his fans as a new NFlying member. 
Hoeseung : "Nflying hyungs take care of me so well so i feel happy when i practice with them. I will work hard to be recognized and loved by many people."

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1. [+92] [0] I think he is the youngest idol who alr did his military service, am i wrong ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whatever he does, i think he will do well 

2. [+61] [-1] He's good at singing, he has good personality and he's always working hard. I'm looking forward to you~

3. [+51] [0] I have no doubt that you will do well ㅠㅠ i will always support you

4. [+45] [0] You got recognized already ㅜㅜ

5. [+39] [0] Hoeseungie, NFlying, lets do well!

[Interview②] "SF9 Juho helped me with the lip-swipe"

Yoo Hoeseung shared a story about how the 'lip-swipe' was born. 

On produce 101, yoo hoeseung was recognized with his 'lip-swipe' gesture. He laughed shyly and revealed the secrets of the gesture. 
Yoo Hoesung said " I wanted to show a good performance for 'Be Mine' stage so I felt burdened. I felt like I lack on gestures and stage manners so I practiced a lot in the practice room. At that time, juho sunbaenim, a member of SF9 helped me with the dance."

"Juho Sunbaenim showed me a lot gestures on the stage. And after that the 'lip-swipe' gesture was born. Since then, my friend on produce 101 asked me "can't you do the lip-swipe ? for every stages and I said "I'm not doing it" but  i ended up did the lip-swipe again." (laughed)

He chose Kwon Hyeob when he was asked about the most regrettable trainee who got eliminated from produce 101. Kwon Hyeob from Maroo ent was ranked 65th on his final ranking. Hoeseung was surprised when they announced kwon hyeob's ranking at that time. 

Hoeseung said "I was so surprised when kwon hyeob got eliminated. I was taken aback because even if its a competition he taught me like a teacher. I felt sad since the first elimination. and then i think i need to do it for hyub-ie"

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1. [+44] [0] So cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hope he will do well

2. [+25] [0] Hoeseung's face is completely fnc

3. [+26] [-1] reporter-nim it's sf9 [they wrote sf이 before]

4. [+9] [0] I like yoo hoeseung~♡ he was so cool when he did the high notes~ I hope to see you on the stage soon~

5. [+2] [0] But he's really cool when he sings .. it such a shame that a skilled person like him got eliminated ㅜㅜ I feel sorry but with his skill i believe he will be successful fighting!

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[ARTICLE] SF9 Inseong is taking the first acting challenge as the young Kim Jiseok in '20th century boys and girls'

SF9's inseong is taking his first acting challenge

In MBC's new monthly drama '20th century boys and girls' inseong will be playing as the younger version of Kong Jiwon, played by actor Kim Jiseok. And the younger version of Sa Jinjin, Han Yesul's role in this drama will be played by Gugudan's Mina. 

Inseong is taking his first challenge in acting through '20th century boys and girls'. He is known as the talented and witty member so we're looking forward to see if he will be able to secure the 'acting-dol' title. 

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1. [+45] [0] I'm so excited !!! Inseong fighting

2. [+37] [0] His smiling figure is so pretty, inseong^^ I'm looking forward and I will support you

3, [+32] [0] Oh oh ! Inseong oppa fighting

4. [+31] [0] Oppa fighting.. !

5. [+31] [0] Inseong-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I really like you❤

6. [+19] [0] Inseong oppa ! We're looking forward to our main vocal!

7. [+8] [0] Please show us the other side of inseong through his acting~~ I'm looking forward to see his hidden charm~~

8. [+7] [0] Inseong oppa fighting

9. [+6] [0] Kyunhee University drama club kim inseong will do well!!!!

10. [+5] [0] It's pretty unexpected.. its not a musical drama.. I have to see this

[article] 170614 "School 2017" Kim Sejeong, Rowoon, 'acting-dol' of the next generation

Last year, Kim Sejeong placed second on the final episode of Produce 101. She was active on a project group IOI and now active as a member of a group called Gugudan. In addition, Kim Sejeong showed us a lot of charms by appearing on variety shows and from her commercials.

Kim Sejeong will be playing a lead role as Ra Eunho in School 2017 who dreams of dating her first love, a college guy. Her rank went up from 280th to 6th. She is a bright and cheerful student who dreams of entering college to be a weebtoon artist.

Although many people expressed their concern about the casting of kim sejeong, but the director explained about her character and the reason to cast her, the director said "Kim Sejeong unique leadership, her bright and cheerful personality suit eunho character so well" We are looking forward to show her acting skills in 'School 2017' ".

Since she had been attending an acting school before her debut, so the interest in her acting debut is increasing.

Rowoon debuted with SF9 last year as the lead vocal. He got a lot of attention as the "face genius" together with astro cha eunwoo. His height is 189 cm an he is in charge of the "physical" in his group. He has so many fans with his good appearance.

He has been working as fixed mc for 2 seasons on beauty program called "Lipstick Prince". And last year, he did well on web drama "Click Your Heart".

In "School 2017" rowoon is an idol group member called 'issue' and only attending school to fill the days of attendance. There will be some good bromance between issue and yoon kyungwoo, someone who loves music. Yoon Kyungwoo will be played by actor Seo Jihoon.

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1. [+178] [-10] I hope both of you guys will show us a good acting~^^

2. [+175] [-11] I'm looking forward to see both of you in the drama. fighting !

3. [+167] [-12] Even thought its her forts acting. i believe in her because i know sejeong is working hard at everything she does..

4. [+156] [-10] I'm looking forward. Both of you fighting !!

5. [+142] [-0] I'm looking forward to see 'School 2017' . fighting!

6. [+87] [-5] Sejeongie fighting! Rowoon-nim too fighting!

7. [+79] [-5] Both of you, fighting! I hope you can show us a good performance

8. [+72] [-3] God-sejeong fighting! Rowoon is good looking

9. [+75] [-5] I believe in kim sejeong

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[ARTICLE] 170617 SF9 first fanmeeting in Thailand ... "Hallyu Idol"

In this fanmeeting, sf9 performed a total of 8 songs. From Breaking Sensation's song title 'Easy love' that was released on April, a song that received so much love "Roar", till Fanfare.

Not only that, SF9 made special memory with fans.. They played board game with fans, they gave a question and fans would answer with O X and gave a surprise gift to the last fan.

On the other hand, SF9 swept the number 1 spot on the oricon single daily chart and tower record kpop world chart on the same day as the day they released single  'fanfare' in japan on  june 7. They are growing steadily as the next generation of kpop and they will be performing a solo concert in japan on august 2.

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1. Love you♡♡♡♡ A talented rookie SF9~~~ Please see them prettily and give them a lot of interest!!! They are singers who always work hard to give the best impression on stage.

2. You are just wasting your time by commenting on this that you dont know about themㅋㅋㅋYou must be tired after you went to thailand , you've worked hard! It must be really tiring to go abroad so good luck ! I love you all 

3. fighting

4. for now SF9 is not a well known group because sf9 is still a rookie but all of the members of this group are handsome, kind, skillful and hard working.. please look at them prettily..

5. I'm glad that sf9 is getting more loved these days.. Please continue to show us good work..

6. Seems like its a trend nowadays to have many people in a group 

7. Who are they

8. I just dont understand why are you leaving a comment just to say that you dont know them? ah you just want to write mean comment

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[My Only Love Song OST] Jaeyoon - Thank You, My Love Lyrics [Han|Rom|Eng]

Lee Jaeyoon (재윤) - Thank You, My Love (고마운 내 사랑) 


정말  아닌가 봐 난 아닌가 봐 
정말 미안해서 난 미안해서 
나처럼 한심한 못난 남자만 
곁에 없다면 
이제부터라도 너는 
행복할 수 있을 거야 
정말 사랑해서 널 사랑해서 
정말 보고 싶어 그리워도 
너처럼 예쁘고 착한 여자는 
나만 떠나주면 
좋은 사람 만나게 될 거야 
Baby bye bye goodbye 
안녕 나의 사랑 
Baby bye bye goodbye love 
안녕 내 사랑 
Baby bye bye goodbye 
고마운 내 사랑 
마지막 널 위하는 게 
고작 이것밖에 없어 미안 
잠시 눈물 나도 아프다 해도 
잊는 거야 
독하게 마음 먹고 서둘러서 
잊는 거야 
상처 준 모든 말 그 말만 새겨 
못됐던 나라고 
그게 네 마음 편할 수 있다면 
Baby bye bye goodbye 
안녕 나의 사랑
Baby bye bye goodbye love 
안녕 내 사랑
Baby bye bye goodbye 
고마운 내 사랑
마지막 널 위하는 게 
고작 이것밖에 없어 미안
네가 싫어져서 보내는 거야 
네가 지겨워서 보내는 거야
쓸데없이 또 걱정하지마 
제발 너의 행복만 바라고 바래
Baby bye bye goodbye 
못된 나의 사랑
Baby bye bye goodbye love 
못된 내 사랑
Baby bye bye goodbye 
버려진 내 사랑
이렇게 말한다 해도 
나는 상관 없어 
이젠 Goodbye


jeongmal  aninga bwa nan aninga bwa 
jeongmal mianhaeseo nan mianhaeseo 
nacheoreom hansimhan mosnan namjaman 
gyeote eopsdamyeon 
ijebuteorado neoneun 
haengbokhal su isseul geoya 
jeongmal saranghaeseo neol saranghaeseo 
jeongmal bogo sipeo geuriwodo 
neocheoreom yeppeugo chakhan yeojaneun 
naman tteonajumyeon 
joheun saram mannage doel geoya 
baby bye bye goodbye 
annyeong naui sarang 
baby bye bye goodbye love 
annyeong nae sarang 
baby bye bye goodbye 
gomaun nae sarang 
majimak neol wihaneun ge 
gojak igeosbakke eopseo mian 
jamsi nunmul nado apeuda haedo 
ijneun geoya 
dokhage maeum meokgo seodulleoseo 
ijneun geoya 
sangcheo jun modeun mal geu malman saegyeo 
mosdwaessdeon narago 
geuge ne maeum pyeonhal su issdamyeon 
baby bye bye goodbye 
annyeong naui sarang
baby bye bye goodbye love 
annyeong nae sarang
baby bye bye goodbye 
gomaun nae sarang
majimak neol wihaneun ge 
gojak igeosbakke eopseo mian
nega silheojyeoseo bonaeneun geoya 
nega jigyeowoseo bonaeneun geoya
sseuldeeopsi tto geokjeonghajima 
jebal neoui haengbokman barago barae
baby bye bye goodbye 
mosdoen naui sarang
baby bye bye goodbye love 
mosdoen nae sarang
baby bye bye goodbye 
beoryeojin nae sarang
ireohge malhanda haedo 
naneun sanggwan eopseo 
ijen goodbye 


I guess I'm not the one
So I will forget you
I feel sorry, I'm really sorry
So I will forget you
If there's no a pathetic and stupid man like me around you
From this moment on, you will be happy
Because I love you so much, I really love you
I will forget you
Even if I miss you so much, I wan to see you
but I will forget you
If a pretty and nice woman like you leave someone like me
You will meet a good man
Baby bye bye goodbye
Goodbye my love
Baby bye bye goodbye love
Goodbye my love
Baby bye bye goodbye
My thankful love
I'm sorry this is the last thing that I can do for you
Even if I shed tears, even though it hurts
I will forget you
I need to make up my mind quickly
So I will forget you
You can call me a mean person
who hurt you with all those hurtful words
That will makes your heart at ease
Baby bye bye goodbye
Goodbye my love
Baby bye bye goodbye love
Goodbye my love
Baby bye bye goodbye
My thankful love
I'm sorry this is the last thing that I can do for you
I'm letting you go because I hate you
I'm letting you go because I'm tired of you
Dont worry about me again
I only hope for your happiness
baby bye bye goodbye 
my wicked love
baby bye bye goodbye love 
my wicked love
baby bye bye goodbye 
my abandoned love
Even when I say something like this,
I don't care
now goodbye

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[170609] SF9 made their debut on japan! 9 handsome faces of the next generation boygroup in korea

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Youngbin : I'm really nervous. We've worked hard until now so I will be happy if many people like us .

Chani : I want to be a group that can deliver happy feelings and emotion for everyone. And i hope people can feel our various charms like our manly and boyish charm.

Q : If you are starring in a romance drama, what role do you want to play?

Rowoon : I want to be a student. Like lee minho's role on korean drama "The heirs", a son of chaebol.

Inseong : The legendary king of fighter. Actually.. I'm a strong fighter, maybe......

Hwiyoung : Sexy lawyer !

Dawon : I want to play as the female lead. If I need to seduce the members, I will try with taeyang first. He will fall for me as soon as possible.

Taeyang : You're nowhere near my ideal type!!

Juho : A man with a good personality, kind and dependable . That's different from my image....

Jaeyoon : I want to be a Physical Education (PE) teacher. I can scold rowoon when he's late! (laughs)

Taeyang : I want to play a role who will use a sword in fantasy romance drama to beat the antagonist and protect the female lead.

Dawon : I'll be the female lead !  (laughs)

Q : This member is the best at....

Taeyang : His sweet gaze and expressions are so cool. Even if  I do the same thing as him, its not as cool as him.
(by Jaeyoon )

Chani : Even though chani is the youngest member, but he's very mature. He has a lot of experience as an actor. His representative works include the popular korean dramas "signal" and "hwajung". He's learning a lot of things such as acting and dancing. Also, even when someone praised him like this, his expression stays the same.
(by Dawon)

Hwiyoung : He is so kind and listen to his brothers well. I think as one of the youngest member he must have some difficulties but he didnt have any complain.
(by Youngbin)

Juho : His body is perfect, he's tall and his shoulders are wide. And he's so charismatic. He's good at writing lyrics and composing songs. I want to learn a lot of things from him.
(by Chani)

Dawon : He has a lot of charms. He can work in any circumstances (not awkward at all). He's good at talking and his language skill is good too. He is the mood maker of the group.
(by Hwiyoung)

Rowoon : As you can see, he's the tallest and handsome member. Even though he looks cool when you look at him at the first time but actually, he's very funny. And he has a good sense when he talks.
(by Taeyang)

Youngbin : His dance skill, leadership, charisma, his ability to embrace people and his cooking skills. But the most important thing is his sincerity.
(by Inseong)

Jaeyoon : He's a funny older brother who always makes us smile. Whenever we're bored, he will come and play with us.
(by Juho)

Inseong : His face is handsome and he's good at singing. More than anything, I envy him for his friendly personality. He's someone who can get along with everyone.
(by Rowoon)