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[ARTICLE] 170108 "Knowing bros" a Challenge to become more famous than seolhyun

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(T/N : I translated this according to the top comments but not all of them )

1. [+7743] [-588] Seolhyun is really a saint, she has shot a lot of cf and still divides her income with the members. the members should be good to her.
    ㄴI think the other members feel sorry for her.....   

2. [+5467] [-402] Seolhyun just looks so innocentㅋ Anyway, she works so hard and still cant afford to buy her own house...
    ㄴI work hard too, but I cant afford to buy my own house 
    ㄴThe company is just... uh....
    ㄴAOA only just recently started getting paid so I think that's understandable..

3. [+5770] [-523] Mina got a lot of screentime today and seolhyun is so good
    ㄴSeolhyun is so pretty and mina is so cute
    ㄴMina is so funny ㅋ I think jimin and chani are entertaining and witty
    ㄴSeriously, these kids dont know how to play that multiplication table ㅋ especially mina and hyejeong, these kids

4. [+3048] [-419] Mina is so cute..
    ㄴmina has many charms
    ㄴshe's so cute and hyejeong too

5. [+2693] [+426] I didn't expect much for the girl group because usually when idols come out, they're not funny. But today is another legendary ep after red velvet . Lee sangmin and seo janghoon did well today.
    ㄴLee sangmin is a legend 
    ㄴ ㅋ chanmi's jealousy , jimin and mina are so funny
    ㄴIOI is funny too

6. [+1515] [-188] A lot of people are trying to put seolhyun down but she is good and she's so kind.
    ㄴThe way she writes chemistry one by one with that pose ♡♡ If it was not for that history controversy she'll be at higher class now
    ㄴUsually, when other idols were acting dumb people said they're cute but since seolhyun has a lot of anti and most of them are female, that's become a witch hunt. Actually, it's jimin who said kindokkang and this controversy blew up in female site. It's unfortunate that both of them dont know about history and no one is better but seolhyun got it worse because she has a lot of female anti. 
    ㄴPeople who have seen "Brave Family" know everything. Even when it's hard, she's not complaining, she's so kind and she did very well. I'm a fan since her appearance on "Brave Family"
    ㄴShe has a strong mentality, Seolhyun fighting! I'm cheering for you !

7. [+1412] [-165] Despite of her popularity, Seolhyun is so humble. She's so calm and she's so well behaved..
    ㄴYou're right, she's so good♡♡♡♡♡♡

8. [+1306] [-158] Honestly I don't think seolhyun's special but I'm watching today broadcast and I'm impressed. She's really good and I like her personality ㅋ And the other member too.. dont be jealousㅜ
    ㄴTheir relationship is good ㅋ they're like sisters
    ㄴJealous? who? ㅋ You cant' judge their personality from this alone 
    ㄴThey're doing this on broadcast because they're close 
    ㄴThat's common between friends, I did this all the time
    ㄴEven if they're envy, i think that's natural.. don't you think so?

9. [+1140] [-117] There's a reason why a certain person in a girl group is popular... The aura is just different
    ㄴHonestly all of them are good, but she's just outstanding
    ㄴShe has shot a lot of cf but she cant act and she cant sing. She's just a celebrity with empty head
       ㄴwow, is it that easy for you to hurt others like that? Just how big of inferiority complex do you have to be able to say something like that
       ㄴYou're really a bad person

10. [+688] [-76] Sungho-ya.. you're having a hard time right? I have it worse ㅋ I was dead laughing at this

11. [+653] [-67] It's a pity that choa is sick our choa ♡

12. [+705] [-99] Seolhyun is so pure.. She is too good for this world

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