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[ARTICLE] 170118 AOA wins #1 on show champion #ExcuseMe1stWin

AOA wins #1 on "Show Champion" , tearful speech + Yuna's leg cast fighting spirit

The members said "We didn't expect this but we're really thankful for this. We'll be AOA who will work harder in the future. We're finnaly comeback after such a long time and we're grateful for your love. Thank you, elvis "
And Jimin couldn't hide her tears..

A member of AOA, Yuna got on the stage in a cast. She was sitting in a chair on the stage and  performed two songs . She did her best for their choreography and she showed off her stable vocal.

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1. [+2500] [-730] Yuna was volunteering to comes out with the chair because it's their first full album. Let's get better soon and be healthy!!
    ㄴYuna-ya let's get better soon! I love you
    ㄴIt's a masterpiece
    ㄴHyejeong, seolhyun, i love you!

2. [+2237] [-733] This song is just so so at the beginning but excuse me is addictive 
    ㄴExcuse me... I like this song. And the dance is so cute and sexyㅋㅋ
    ㄴIt's getting better and its so much better when you watch the choreography
    ㄴI didn't really like "heart attack" at first because it's so noisy, but now I like it so much. All of AOA title track is so addictive..
    ㄴIt was also like this with "Heart attack"ㅋㅋ AOA's charm
       ㄴFor "Heart attack" , I know it was good after listening to it for the first time

3. [+875] [-227] Nowadays, girl groups work so hard. I hope everyone is alright
    ㄴeveryone, Congratulations !!

4. [+318] [-108] Yuna-ya please take a restㅜㅜㅜ and congratulations AOA!

5. [+275] [-94] This song definitely fits them

6. [+245] [-84] Yuna-ya, please be sure to get the trophy together next time

7. [+188] [-65] AOA congratulations on your first win! Lets be together forever

8. [+180] [-62] Congratulations on your first win! Yuna is sick, and they've been through many hardships, please get better soon.. fightingㅠㅠㅠ

9. [+171] [-59] As expected of AOA !! Even though it's hard at the beginning, you continue to show us the good side of you. 

10. [+161] [+57] The song is addictive, i like it. congratulations~

11. [+155] [-55] You've been through so many hardships. We should have walked on the flower path only but we couldn't do it, I'm sorry. Thank you for all elvis who always take care of them. I hope there will only be good things from now on. Congratulations! 

12. [+143] [-51] Everyone is really pretty and i like this song... congratulations!

13. [+134] [+48] Excuse me cuse me~~

14. [+122] [-43] Ahㅜㅜ you've worked hard ㅜㅜ Why am I in tears? It was so hard and painful last year.. ㅠㅠ

15. [+107] [+38] You did well~ I'm so proud of youㅎㅎ Jimin-ah don't cryㅠㅠ

"Show Champion" AOA wins first place with this comeback

Original post : here

1. [+92] [-2] AOA! congratulations on your first place!!

2. [+95] [-5] congratulations AOA! yuna, get better soon and get the trophy together~

3. [+91] [-4] I was so touched when they were crying, congrats!

4. [+90] [-5] congratulations , you've worked hard! lets keep going

5. [+66] [-2] AOA is a 6 years old girl group but they're so grateful and they're still crying for their wins. The members are nice and pretty..

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