Wednesday, February 01, 2017

[INSTIZ] 170131 Before his debut, this male idol was famous as kyunghee university's charming guy

It's SF9 inseong

from 0:50~

He was famous for his handsomeness at kyunghee university before he debut

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1. Is he that kim fox guy?
    ㄴ Yes! it's him

2. Guys it's kim fox..
   ㄴ why is he kim fox?
       ㄴhis nickname is desert fox and he called himself kim fox on his vapp content

3. His lower part resembles lee joon

4. Let's go to kyunghee university~~~~~~

5. Heol his education background, his career, and he's handsome too....

6. What grade are you in? Oppa.. wait for me 

7. He went to Kyunghee's journalism and communications. Everyone! SF9 is having a comeback on february 6th . Please give them lots of love~

8. Kim inseongㅠㅠ He's so perfect.. 

9. He's good and studies well just like me (op username: kyonggi university)
    ㄴthis comment is weird

10. What is this, my friend...

11. Kim inseong at COEX is legendary.. he's really sweet I have to go to their fansign..ㅠ

12. ? Crazyy.. he's so handsome that's why he is a celebrity

13. Everyone.. this is kim inseong 

14. He is flawlessㅠㅠㅠㅠ

15. Wa.. he's so charming...


17. He's not famous for nothing.. 

18. How old is he? 
      He's 25 years old this year

19. I know him. Inseong's personality is impressive..

20. Ah that guy was him!! He's so handsome...

21. I'm sorry to ask this, but is he an idol?
      ㄴYes, he's from SF9

22. Why didn't I see someone like him on my campus ㅠㅠ

23. Heol.. Kyunghee university's journalism and communications... I'm envy

24. Awesome......

25. Heol, I've never seen him~ why~

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