Thursday, February 16, 2017

[ARTICLE] 170207 [POP UP MUSIC] "PERFECT MALE BEAUTY" SF9, confidence performance group

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1. It's group with a kid who played Park Sunwoo on signal

2. If you're promoting them as a performance group, they dont know how to sing
    Please give a listen to them^~^

3. They work hard to show us a good stage in the future~

4. You have to come out steadily to get your name known in korea and get an award.. AOA released 3 albums in one year.. You need to focus in korea before going abroad.. I believe it will be possible if FNC works well..

5. Good stage !! Let's start the engine !!

6. I like kang chani from the queen's classroom!!♡ signal too, I enjoyed it well

7. SF9 fighting ♥♥♥♥

8. bureureung... start the engine!! let's run for the future!!!

9. SF9 youngbin inseong jaeyoon dawon rowoon juho taeyang hwiyoung chani bureureung lets star the engine, fighting!

10. SF9 let's make it!! kim youngbin kim inseong lee jaeyoon lee dawon kim rowoon baek juho yoo taeyang kim hwiyong kang chani, i love you guys

11. So they're form FNC...

12. The problem is their agency

13. roar is addictive.. bureureung yah~ start the engine~~

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