Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Yoo Hoeseung's letter~ "I'll support you just like how you support me"

-Yoo Hoeseung's good bye and thank you letter-

Hello! This is FNC entertaiment's trainee, cheerful and positive yoo hoeseung. I think it's a bit late to greet you after the broadcast ended... thank you for waiting so long..
I'm just a 4 months old singer trainee, I'm a son of karaoke owner, I'm an acquaintance (someone you know a little about him), and a friend.
I had so much worries to appear on Produce 101 season 2 because I feel like I'm just a trainee who still lack a lot like an egg that hasn't hatched yet so I had my doubts, should I do this? However, by appearing on the show, I got to dance a dance that I've never imagine before and i had good experience that i can never experience again in my life. I practiced so hard for dance that sometimes i got hurt and bleeding but I still continue to practice. As for my singing, I keep practicing and paying attention on every detail to show you the better side of me.

I think I'm being loved by so many people. This year, I was able to introduce my self to you, I was able to sing a song to you, and loved by so many people, so 2017 is the best year that I will never forget. There are a lot of changes!  First of all, I'm just an ordinary person with normal height that you may not notice me when you see me, but now when people see me on the street, they recognize me, greeted me, and they gave me some affections. Sometimes I feel sorry when some people ask me for my autograph but I dont have ... autograph ... So I just wrote my name in the paper. I'll try to make better autograph in the future! (^_^) I really want to do everything and make you happy but its really difficultγ… 3γ…  If you ever hurt and feel upset, I'm so sorry I'll keep trying to do my best in the future!!

I've had the happiest and unforgettable moments in Produce 101 season 2! Starting from the first fanmeeting, nayana stage, and be mine stage. Actually, I think I'm not that noticeable on the first mission, it was my first stage in my life but I was a bit sad at that time because people didnt recognize me and only know about my voice, but on the second mission, on right round stage, I could hear people calling and shouting my name, it felt like I want to cry at that time. It was the best moment of my life that I'll remember till I die. Thank you, for people who dont know me but still support and love me, makes want to do lip swipe!! I'm so happy to know that so many people love me.

Actually, my friends like to tease me because it seems like I dont know a lot of words.
When I turned 20 years old, my 13 years old best friend applied for my military service secretly so i need to do it... after I was discharged,i become a trainee  because  my dream is to be a singer γ…Žγ…Ž
So it is like that..

My friend told me that I came out on internet, after that, everyday I'll always check internet when i've done with work (practicing). It's because it feels like I'm communicating with people, I feel so loved and it makes me happy πŸ’œ I thought I'm a serious and rational person but i didnt know I have such a funny personality. I'm happy knowing that I make many people happy with that. Thank you for people who always with me, we've been through ups and downs in this program, all of you are so precious to me. I'm done with this program but it's not over for me. Even though I'm still a trainee who lack a lot, I think it is everyone's  warm heart that makes me strong. With that in mind, I will never forget to keep practicing, to improve my self and  become a cool person. I promise to comeback to you as the best artist, I'm confident with this!!

I dont know how the future will look like but so far.. the time I spent with you guys make me feels like i'm in heaven. I can do all of this because of you guys. When you are tired, don't cry just laugh!! then you will be happy. I'll support you just like how you support me!! I will wait for the day we can communicate with music and smile, see you again !! Goodbye~ I love youπŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ

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