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[ARTICLE] 170502 "The Second Yoo Yeonjung"... 'Produce 101 Season 2' 5 candidates for the main vocal of IOI male version

There are some people who got attention for their vocal skills on Produce 101 Season 2.  It was difficult to confirm their individual skill from "nayana" reevaluation stage with all 98 of them but their individual skill shone through the group battle stage. Some trainees who have the possibility to be a main vocal were noticed.

Park Woodam (HF Music Company) attracted national producer's attention and took first place in the on-scene evaluation for group battle. From the moment they chose "mansae", park woodam has so much desire to be a main vocal and he proved his confidence perfectly on the stage. He continued to sing steadily and impressed the audience with his high note ad-lib. As a result, park woodam alone received 270 votes and it won over the other team with 150 votes. Park Woodam led team 1 to perform "mansae" on Mcountdown.

Kim Jaehwan (Individual Trainee) was a member from "Sorry Sorry" group 2, the group also called as the second avenger. He was the only member on his team who used hand microphone. With his great vocal ability, he was harmonizing and singing without hesitation. His vocal ability has been proven through the previous broadcast. In the first evaluation, when they performed according to their agency, Kim Jaehwan received grade-B. Even though his dance skill was not that good but he showed a good performance with his vocal skills. He work hard to improve his skills. He is an individual trainee but he has history of winning SBS "Voice of God" last year. 

Jung Sewoon (Starship). Even though he was not the main vocal of "Be Mine" team 2, but he showed us a good technique and good voice that was easy to listen. On episode 3 last week, it's notable that he ranked #11 out of 98 trainees. His idea on 1 minute PR introduction video was well received and his fandom is slowly growing. He comeback in the audition program with his outstanding skills 4 years after he appeared on SBS "Kpop Star 2" in 2013. 

Yoo Hoeseung (FNC), The trainers praised him as the main vocal of "Be Mine" team 1 . More than his skills, he was a trainee that stands out because he improved his ability. In the first evaluation when they performed according to the agency, the trainer told him to open his mouth widely when singing. This habit has been fixed in the middle evaluation for his group battle. Lee seokhoon and other trainers praised his effort to improve his skills. Yoo hoeseung, the team leader for team 1 showed his leadership ability when they faced difficult time with a member's injury. He was praised for his singing ability and teamwork.

Kim Sungri (C2K), he was the main vocal for "Call Me Baby" team 1. In the broadcast, Jang Moonbok and Sung Hyunwoo got the spotlight but Kim Sungri showed his amazing vocal silently. Jea, the vocal trainer for season 1 praised him and said "The high note comes out nicely. He did so well" when they watched Kim sungri's audition video with "Miracle of December". Kim Sungri who selected another exo song got praised from the trainers "This friend knows how to sing well". 

In the Produce 101 season 1 last year, Yoo Yeonjung who was selected as the main vocal of IOI was ranked at #63 at first. But her ranking increased after she showed his vocal ability on her "ITNW" stage. The ranking for those 5 trainees who are recognized as the main vocal in season 2 were relatively low except for jung sewoon and kim jaehwan. But the real game starts now. We're lookng forward for the reversal of this season. I wonder if the main vocal for IOI male version is one of those candidates. 

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According to top comments and each trainee's related comments

1. [+390] [-16] Kim Jaehwan

2. [+380] [-11] If you want Jung Sewoon and Kim Jaehwan in the final top11, please vote.

3. [+283] [-12] I wonder how kim jaehwan will go with vocal for the next evaluation

4. [+241] [-11] Hello ^^

5. [+84] [-4] Park woodam singing skill is so good, Kim Jaehwan is good at making song sounds good, he did really well on sorry sorry, Jung Sewoon is really stable and his voice is so easy to listenㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'll support jaehwan and sewoonㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+77] [-1] Both Kim Jaehwan and Jung Sewoon have killer vocalsㅜㅜㅜㅜTheir voice are the bestㅜㅜㅜ Both of them can be the main lead vocal

7. [+41] [-2] Jaehwan-ie, Sewoon-ie, hoeseung-ie are so charming

8. [+36] [-1] Kim Sungri sings so well

9. [+35] [-3] Yoo hoesung's face is so cute and he has good voice, Kim Jaehwan is also good..

10. [+25] [-3] Jung Sewoon, Yoo hoeseung, Kim Jaehwan, my fixed pickㅠㅠ

11. [+24] [-4] Main vocal Kim Sungri

12. [+18] [-2] I support hoeseung hyung who already did his military service 

13. [+16] [-4] Yoo hoeseung ♡♡

14. [+16] [-5] Yoo hoeseungㅠㅠ He's so good at singing

15. [+15] [-2] Please take care of trainee Kim Sungriㅜㅜ He went from B class to A class, he is really good but he has no screentimeㅜㅠㅠ  He sings perfectly good♡

16. [+14] [0] ●Kim Sungri● fighting! Please only one vote! Of course I also support kim jaehwan jung sewoon and park wodam. Their voice are good, and people with talent should make their debut..

17. [+12] [-2] Kim Sungri's singing skill is at the top but his dance is also good I was so surprised.. If he wasn't eliminated at the first elimination, next time please vote for him..

18. [+12] [-2] Clean high-note kim sungri, unique voice kim jaehwan

19. [+11] [-2] There must be at least 2 people who can sing to keep the quality of the song, either park woodam or kim jaehwan i'm ok with them

20. [+11] [-6] Yoo hoeseung is so funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's good at singing and he has confidence with his ability, it's good

21. [+9] [0] Hoeseung's high note was so cool

22. [+9] [-2] Park Woodam and Kim jaehwan are so good at singing, their voice are so comfortable to listen

23. [+7] [-2] Park Woodam and yoo hoeseung's voice are sooo good to hear, let's debut 

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