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[ARTICLE] 170506 Choa is missing for 2 months? She is resting after AOA's concert on march.

FNC : "She's taking a break after concert on march"
They also pointed out that yuna and mina are aware that some people misunderstood their post on instagram, it's unrelated to choa's absent.

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1. [+4130] [-102] Manual answer that was expected
    ㄴAren't you guys will swear at them too even if they didnt give this manual answer
    ㄴAfter all, you only believe what you want to believe

2. [+3954] [-79] When someone as lively as choa wants to take a break, just how much did she suffer
    ㄴShe has been working since january, filming for "Sing for you" and some shows, she was preparing concert too.. Actually she has the most activity among the members. I hope she rest well and i can see her smile again soon.

3. [+2629] [-77] FNC, do your joob nicely

4. [+1842] [-40] Ah I have nothing to say to FNC. They dont give any response when we were asking for feedback, now they only give a response when there's a controversial article about this. I hope you'll listen to the fans. 

5. [+931] [-51] Choa-ya cheer up!!!

6. [+422] [-13] I just dont really like FNC CEO

7. [+400] [-24] Excuse Me promotion ended in february but Choa didnt take a break until march because she was filming "Sing For You" at that time. When she was busy filming, the other members went traveling and have a good rest at home. She is resting now because she couldnt take a rest at that time. In addition, it's been a while since her throat is in bad condition so it's important to have some rest. It was said that she has been resting for 2 months but actually she only missed their events for three days. They have no schedule except for 4 events and two of them were on the same day so it's only 3 days when she didnt come to their events. 

8. [+320] [-16] Seems like seolhyun also resting well by herself after the concert

9. [+280] [-14] FNC should know about this. If there's no choa in AOA you're done, you know it right?

10. [+277] [-16] Idol is not working machine, of course they need some rest when they're inactive. She''s gonna be 30 soon, to catch up with the younger members and in order to compete with juniors, she needs to rest well.  

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1. [+2532] [-63] There must be something between her and the agency
    ㄴThere's no evidence. Rather than posting something with evidence, people are posting a lot of  stuffs like this. Shows us the quality of korean people..
    ㄴDon't spread a rumor

2. [+1604] [-43] Choa sings almost all of AOA songs..ㅠㅠ if there's no choa, who will sing her part?
    ㄴThe biggest characteristic of AOA songs is jimin-choa's unique voice that can't be easily covered by other singers. That means if there's no choa, there's no aoa.

3. [+1534] [-44] I really like choa... I hope nothing bad happened

4. [+1214] [-54] There must be something happening there!

5. [+1096] [-6] Choa is my favorite idolㅠㅠ I hope nothing bad happened

"FNC : It was her request to rest after concert in march"

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1. If the reporters have conscience, they'll put down the article

2. It's their inactive period but the reporters were over exaggerating

3. Reporter-nim, if you have any conscience please write an apology

4. They are so fast to respondㅋㅋ

5. These trash reporters

6. How confident were the reporters to wrote something like that

7. It's a relief

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