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[170609] SF9 made their debut on japan! 9 handsome faces of the next generation boygroup in korea

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Youngbin : I'm really nervous. We've worked hard until now so I will be happy if many people like us .

Chani : I want to be a group that can deliver happy feelings and emotion for everyone. And i hope people can feel our various charms like our manly and boyish charm.

Q : If you are starring in a romance drama, what role do you want to play?

Rowoon : I want to be a student. Like lee minho's role on korean drama "The heirs", a son of chaebol.

Inseong : The legendary king of fighter. Actually.. I'm a strong fighter, maybe......

Hwiyoung : Sexy lawyer !

Dawon : I want to play as the female lead. If I need to seduce the members, I will try with taeyang first. He will fall for me as soon as possible.

Taeyang : You're nowhere near my ideal type!!

Juho : A man with a good personality, kind and dependable . That's different from my image....

Jaeyoon : I want to be a Physical Education (PE) teacher. I can scold rowoon when he's late! (laughs)

Taeyang : I want to play a role who will use a sword in fantasy romance drama to beat the antagonist and protect the female lead.

Dawon : I'll be the female lead !  (laughs)

Q : This member is the best at....

Taeyang : His sweet gaze and expressions are so cool. Even if  I do the same thing as him, its not as cool as him.
(by Jaeyoon )

Chani : Even though chani is the youngest member, but he's very mature. He has a lot of experience as an actor. His representative works include the popular korean dramas "signal" and "hwajung". He's learning a lot of things such as acting and dancing. Also, even when someone praised him like this, his expression stays the same.
(by Dawon)

Hwiyoung : He is so kind and listen to his brothers well. I think as one of the youngest member he must have some difficulties but he didnt have any complain.
(by Youngbin)

Juho : His body is perfect, he's tall and his shoulders are wide. And he's so charismatic. He's good at writing lyrics and composing songs. I want to learn a lot of things from him.
(by Chani)

Dawon : He has a lot of charms. He can work in any circumstances (not awkward at all). He's good at talking and his language skill is good too. He is the mood maker of the group.
(by Hwiyoung)

Rowoon : As you can see, he's the tallest and handsome member. Even though he looks cool when you look at him at the first time but actually, he's very funny. And he has a good sense when he talks.
(by Taeyang)

Youngbin : His dance skill, leadership, charisma, his ability to embrace people and his cooking skills. But the most important thing is his sincerity.
(by Inseong)

Jaeyoon : He's a funny older brother who always makes us smile. Whenever we're bored, he will come and play with us.
(by Juho)

Inseong : His face is handsome and he's good at singing. More than anything, I envy him for his friendly personality. He's someone who can get along with everyone.
(by Rowoon)

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