Wednesday, March 22, 2017

[ARTIICLE] 170318 [★SHOT!] Seolhyun x Jimin x Kim Shinyoung Traveling together to vietnam with bestfriend

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(T/N : not according to the top comments )

1. [+6576] [-245] Kim shinyoung is a lot thinner than you thought. Also seolhyun body shape is really beautiful ㅠㅠ I know they are friends for a while, but if they are travelling together then they must be really really good friend !!! I'm envy !!! I want to travel with my friendㅠㅠ
    ㄴFrom the first picture, I can feel it why seolhyun is popular,she's just on another level [+205] [-27]

2. [+4043] [-189] Wa.. If you look closely at shinyoung's ankle it looks the same as jimin's and seolhyun's
    ㄴAnkle doesnt mean anything... [+228] [-75]
    ㄴI'm envy I'm envy.. but then again I'll choose seolhyun's [+148] [-14] 

3. [+1533] [-127] It's nice to see a friendship trip

4. [+887] [-127] Dungchee : mom, come back quickly

5. [+411] [-31] Wa... Kim shinyoung's body.. I thought she was chubby but she's pretty slim

6. [+363] [-17] Kim Shinyoung is pretty skinny? I was surprised when I saw it for the first time, she's thinner than I thought

7. [+213] [-21] Wa... seolhyun's wearing sneakers.. shiver shiver

8. [+201] [-18] Seolhyun's legsㅠㅠ

9. [+79] [-11] ♨ When you look at it, seolhyun's body is just unique

10. [+73] [-10] Traveling is good for people to create a good mood. When the activity is over, it's time to relax and doing what each other's want.. They can gather with their group or enjoy their time alone. 

11. [+68] [-6] She said they're as close as her own sister

12. [+64] [0] Seolhyun is still young but she is always working hard and doing her best. Pretty♡♡♡

13. [+64] [-9] Seolhyun's thighs... She's really body goal

14. [+46] [-3] They look good together! I've heard about shinkimchi before, looks like they're good friend? They travel together a lot, it's nice to see..

15. [+45] [-6] God-Shinyoung,God-Jimin, God-Seolhyun~~~ I'll always cheer for you! Have a nice trip~~

16. [+29] [-2] Seolhyun, jimin and shinyoung look so close

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