Friday, March 17, 2017

[ARTICLE] 170312 "King of Masked Singer" It's Cnblue jonghyun!

"King of Masked Singer" Cube identity is jonghyun... Yonghwa.. do you see this?"

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1. [+1131] [-83] It's a comeback soon ㅋㅋ

2. [+938] [-168] He is not the main vocal but his voice is so attractive

3. [+811] [-106] my love~~ my love~~~
    ㄴMy love that I long for~~
    ㄴMy love who I call out as long as I can
    My love, my love.. My love that I miss.. Just your name alone cuts me.. My painful love, my love
    ㄴA Gentleman's dignityㅋㅋㅋ
(T/N : it's the lyrics of "My Love", A Gentleman's Dignity ost)

4. [+678] [-150] Heol... daebak... I really like jonghyun's voice

5. [+504] [-136] You've worked hard.. I listened to your song well..

6. [+121] [-21] So what if jung yonghwa is watching? Seriously that title

7. [+114] [-16] This journalist. Please change the title of the article. Can you fix it because its confusing?

8. [+113] [-21] Journalist-nim... please only mention lee jonghyun in the title ㅠ

9. [+112] [-36] I just like all of the member of cnblue!~

10. [+110] [-37] Jonghyun and yonghwa are good at singing, as expected of cnblue

11. [+105] [-12] He resembles kim jaejong~ And what is that jung yong hwa in the title??

12. [+92] [-33] I know he is goog but I didnt know he is this good... daebak

13. [+87] [-31] Of course there's a reason why fans like his voice~ㅎㅎCnblue is tall, handsome, sing well, act well, Cnblue is the coolest♡♡ I cant wait or the comeback, Cnblue fighting!

14. [+81] [-30] You did well ^^ Jonhyunah fighting! Cnblue fighting!^^

15. [+79] [-28] Waㅠ Cnblueㅠㅠ They'll comebackㅠ And they are coming back as singersㅠㅠ It's really cool

"King of Masked Singer" Let's go around cube is Cnblue Jonghyun! "A great twist"

1. [+56] [-9] Heol.. daebak.. I really like lee jonghyun's voice^^

2. [+45] [-8] I cried so~~~~bad. He's perfect. A good guitarist with good voice

3. [+35] [-6] I'm cheering for you.. I hope you'll only walk on the flower path^^

4. [+34] [-8] It's a good song! But how can you see with that cube mask?ㅋㅋ

5. [+17] [-5] Wow voice, emotion and visual that can't be beaten. Jonghyun is totally cool

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