Friday, March 03, 2017

[ARTICLE] 170227 SF9, Top 5 on Gaon social weekly chart, becomes the representative of next generation idol

According to Gaon Social Chart for the 7th week on this year (170212-170218) SF9's ROAR ranked 5th with the total of 12,333 points. They ranked next to their sunbae group. We can say that sf9 got the highest ranking among the rookie groups.

Gaon social chart is a chart that collects global data from youtube, twitter, weibo, yinyuetai.
Sf9 is doing pretty good in china and this affects their domestic chart.
SF9 title song "Roar" from their first mini album "Burning Sensation" ranked 1 on yinyuetai weekly chart, China's biggest music video chart. Yinyuetai's chart includes music video views. It's a chart that reflect their popularity among fans. The number of downloads proves that they're expanding their fandom nationally and internationally.

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1. As expected of our SF9, fighting for the future !!

2. SF9 i love you!!♡♡ Lets not lose our nature, lets work hard and grow up beautifully♡♡♡♡

3. SF9, its just the beginning~Let's walk on the flower path♥

4. Our SF9, let's show them the better us in the future!

5. SF9 is so cool❤❤❤❤❤❤

6. Our kids are amazing

7. SF9❤❤

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