Monday, July 17, 2017

[article] 170614 "School 2017" Kim Sejeong, Rowoon, 'acting-dol' of the next generation

Last year, Kim Sejeong placed second on the final episode of Produce 101. She was active on a project group IOI and now active as a member of a group called Gugudan. In addition, Kim Sejeong showed us a lot of charms by appearing on variety shows and from her commercials.

Kim Sejeong will be playing a lead role as Ra Eunho in School 2017 who dreams of dating her first love, a college guy. Her rank went up from 280th to 6th. She is a bright and cheerful student who dreams of entering college to be a weebtoon artist.

Although many people expressed their concern about the casting of kim sejeong, but the director explained about her character and the reason to cast her, the director said "Kim Sejeong unique leadership, her bright and cheerful personality suit eunho character so well" We are looking forward to show her acting skills in 'School 2017' ".

Since she had been attending an acting school before her debut, so the interest in her acting debut is increasing.

Rowoon debuted with SF9 last year as the lead vocal. He got a lot of attention as the "face genius" together with astro cha eunwoo. His height is 189 cm an he is in charge of the "physical" in his group. He has so many fans with his good appearance.

He has been working as fixed mc for 2 seasons on beauty program called "Lipstick Prince". And last year, he did well on web drama "Click Your Heart".

In "School 2017" rowoon is an idol group member called 'issue' and only attending school to fill the days of attendance. There will be some good bromance between issue and yoon kyungwoo, someone who loves music. Yoon Kyungwoo will be played by actor Seo Jihoon.

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1. [+178] [-10] I hope both of you guys will show us a good acting~^^

2. [+175] [-11] I'm looking forward to see both of you in the drama. fighting !

3. [+167] [-12] Even thought its her forts acting. i believe in her because i know sejeong is working hard at everything she does..

4. [+156] [-10] I'm looking forward. Both of you fighting !!

5. [+142] [-0] I'm looking forward to see 'School 2017' . fighting!

6. [+87] [-5] Sejeongie fighting! Rowoon-nim too fighting!

7. [+79] [-5] Both of you, fighting! I hope you can show us a good performance

8. [+72] [-3] God-sejeong fighting! Rowoon is good looking

9. [+75] [-5] I believe in kim sejeong

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