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170627 STARNEWS interview with yoo hoeseung "Nflying hyungs take care of me so well, juho helped me with the dance"

[Interview①] Joining NFlying to be recognized as a singer

Yoo hoeseung (22) from produce 101 season 2 shared his thoughts about joining N.Flying with Lee seunghyub , Kwon Kwangjin, Chahun, Kim Jaehyun.

Yoo hoeseung said "It's too sudden and I have some worries about this but I want to be recognized and loved by many people. " He added "The band already has its own concept and strength, so there's a lot of worry that i can fit well with that (concept)."

He got a lot of attention since the beginning of this program (PD101) for his bright personality and his singing skill. He ranked 39th on his last broadcast and many fans think its such a waste that he got eliminated. Hoeseung said, its such a shame but its a good experience. 

Yoo hoeseung said, "Appeared on Produce 101 was like a dream, it was such a new experience for me." He added "I'm happy to have such a good experience and good memories"
"Just a few months ago, my dream is to be a good singer. and now that i got so much love i feel touched"

In the second half of this year, yoo hoeseung will meet his fans as a new NFlying member. 
Hoeseung : "Nflying hyungs take care of me so well so i feel happy when i practice with them. I will work hard to be recognized and loved by many people."

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1. [+92] [0] I think he is the youngest idol who alr did his military service, am i wrong ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whatever he does, i think he will do well 

2. [+61] [-1] He's good at singing, he has good personality and he's always working hard. I'm looking forward to you~

3. [+51] [0] I have no doubt that you will do well ㅠㅠ i will always support you

4. [+45] [0] You got recognized already ㅜㅜ

5. [+39] [0] Hoeseungie, NFlying, lets do well!

[Interview②] "SF9 Juho helped me with the lip-swipe"

Yoo Hoeseung shared a story about how the 'lip-swipe' was born. 

On produce 101, yoo hoeseung was recognized with his 'lip-swipe' gesture. He laughed shyly and revealed the secrets of the gesture. 
Yoo Hoesung said " I wanted to show a good performance for 'Be Mine' stage so I felt burdened. I felt like I lack on gestures and stage manners so I practiced a lot in the practice room. At that time, juho sunbaenim, a member of SF9 helped me with the dance."

"Juho Sunbaenim showed me a lot gestures on the stage. And after that the 'lip-swipe' gesture was born. Since then, my friend on produce 101 asked me "can't you do the lip-swipe ? for every stages and I said "I'm not doing it" but  i ended up did the lip-swipe again." (laughed)

He chose Kwon Hyeob when he was asked about the most regrettable trainee who got eliminated from produce 101. Kwon Hyeob from Maroo ent was ranked 65th on his final ranking. Hoeseung was surprised when they announced kwon hyeob's ranking at that time. 

Hoeseung said "I was so surprised when kwon hyeob got eliminated. I was taken aback because even if its a competition he taught me like a teacher. I felt sad since the first elimination. and then i think i need to do it for hyub-ie"

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1. [+44] [0] So cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hope he will do well

2. [+25] [0] Hoeseung's face is completely fnc

3. [+26] [-1] reporter-nim it's sf9 [they wrote sf이 before]

4. [+9] [0] I like yoo hoeseung~♡ he was so cool when he did the high notes~ I hope to see you on the stage soon~

5. [+2] [0] But he's really cool when he sings .. it such a shame that a skilled person like him got eliminated ㅜㅜ I feel sorry but with his skill i believe he will be successful fighting!

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