Monday, July 17, 2017

[ARTICLE] SF9 Inseong is taking the first acting challenge as the young Kim Jiseok in '20th century boys and girls'

SF9's inseong is taking his first acting challenge

In MBC's new monthly drama '20th century boys and girls' inseong will be playing as the younger version of Kong Jiwon, played by actor Kim Jiseok. And the younger version of Sa Jinjin, Han Yesul's role in this drama will be played by Gugudan's Mina. 

Inseong is taking his first challenge in acting through '20th century boys and girls'. He is known as the talented and witty member so we're looking forward to see if he will be able to secure the 'acting-dol' title. 

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1. [+45] [0] I'm so excited !!! Inseong fighting

2. [+37] [0] His smiling figure is so pretty, inseong^^ I'm looking forward and I will support you

3, [+32] [0] Oh oh ! Inseong oppa fighting

4. [+31] [0] Oppa fighting.. !

5. [+31] [0] Inseong-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I really like you❤

6. [+19] [0] Inseong oppa ! We're looking forward to our main vocal!

7. [+8] [0] Please show us the other side of inseong through his acting~~ I'm looking forward to see his hidden charm~~

8. [+7] [0] Inseong oppa fighting

9. [+6] [0] Kyunhee University drama club kim inseong will do well!!!!

10. [+5] [0] It's pretty unexpected.. its not a musical drama.. I have to see this

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